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Pool Repair Goodyear, AZ

Welcome to Aquatic Pool & Spa, your premier pool service provider nestled in the heart of Goodyear, Arizona. With our stunning desert landscapes as a backdrop, your pool is the centerpiece of your oasis. Understanding the importance of a well-maintained pool, we are dedicated to delivering unparalleled quality and customer satisfaction. Since 2010, our experienced hands have ensured crystal-clear waters in every backyard we touch.

Certified Pool Service & Repair

Embark on a seamless pool repair journey with Aquatic Pool & Spa, where safety and efficiency are not just promised but delivered. Our fully certified team brings over a decade of hands-on experience to your backyard, addressing every challenge with expertise and the warmth only passion can fuel.

Our Pool Repair Services in Goodyear, AZ
  • Leak Detection & Repair
  • Pump & Motor Repair
  • Filter Service & Replacement
  • Heater Repair & Installation
  • Tile & Grout Work
  • Acid Wash & Cleaning
  • Structural Repairs
  • Automation Upgrades

Our Pool Remodeling Services

Transform your aquatic space into a testament to modern luxury. With options ranging from stylish deck resurfacing to the installation of tranquil water features, our remodeling services are designed to elevate your poolside experience. Witness the magic as we convert your Goodyear pool into an enchanting retreat.

Our Proven Process

At Aquatic Pool & Spa, we follow a meticulous and proven process to ensure your pool is repaired and serviced to the highest standards. Here’s a snapshot of our approach:

  • Assessment & Diagnostic: We start with a comprehensive evaluation of your pool, identifying any issues and the best methods to address them.
  • Quotation & Plan: Based on the assessment, we provide a transparent and detailed quote along with a strategic plan tailored to your pool’s needs.
  • Scheduling & Preparation: We schedule the repair work at your convenience and prepare our team and equipment for efficient service delivery.
  • Repair & Maintenance: Our certified technicians proceed with the repair work, using only the highest quality materials and tools.
  • Quality Check & Testing: After repairs are completed, we conduct a series of quality checks and tests to ensure everything is functioning perfectly.
  • Final Walkthrough: We take you through the work done, providing maintenance tips and answering any questions you may have.

Our process is designed to be transparent, efficient, and effective, minimizing disruption and maximizing your satisfaction.

FAQ Section

Comprehensive assessments, precision repairs, and meticulous maintenance—our services in Goodyear include everything your pool needs to brave the Arizona sun.

Our desert climate demands regular maintenance to counteract rapid evaporation and algae growth, ensuring your pool remains a pristine oasis.

Regular service keeps your pool swim-ready, extends its lifespan, and protects your investment against the wear and tear of the Arizonian elements.

Most repairs are swift, aiming to restore your pool to its glory within the shortest feasible timeframe, without compromising on quality.

Absolutely. Repairs must consider high UV exposure and evaporation rates, using materials and methods best suited to withstand these conditions.

More Services

Pool Remodeling

We specialize in a full spectrum of pool remodeling services tailored to the Goodyear climate and community
Our Testimonial

Client Testimonials

Graham & Celestia Thatcher
Graham & Celestia Thatcher
Art is very good at what he does. We were given well thought out options on fixing our spa long term versus quick fixes others had provided in the past. He delivered what he promised on schedule and within original estimate.We highly recommend him.
Gina Valenzuela
Gina Valenzuela
The owner Art is very thorough and he has integrity when he deals with our repairs and servicing. I would highly recommend him to my friends and family.
Lucille Solares -AZ
Lucille Solares -AZ
Great customer service, honest and dependable and knowlegable and explained everything upfront and competled the repairs to my spa. I'm very pleased with the outcome of my spa and pool. I highly him for service.
Outstanding service, trustworthy, and very knowledgeable explaining everything clearly and did quality work. Art (owner) gave me a quote which I signed off on for parts and labor, but then he called me back to lower the quote since he was able to find the parts at a lower cost. He was always on time and the work was completed perfectly. Thanks Art, for the repairs and service recieved to my spa. I would high recommend Aquatic Pools to freinds and family.
Craig Duckett
Craig Duckett
Art has been reliably cleaning and servicing our pool (he comes out weekly!) for over a decade now. He is knowledgeable and professional, and his work is both first rate and reasonably priced. I highly recommend him and Aquatic Pool & Spa service. If only other service workers were more like him! --Craig & Tawnie
Angela Maricle
Angela Maricle
Great cleaning of my hot tub!!!
James Wells
James Wells
Great Pool service. The best i ever had. Highly Recommend them. Art knows what he is doing and thank you well appreciated
Robert Mork
Robert Mork
Because of heavy scale build up we needed our tile glass beaded along with some major work done to the interior surface of our 15 year old pool. Aquatic Pool took care of everything at a really good price. Everyone was very nice, knowledgeable & professional. Our pool looks like new again!