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Hey there, pool owners! Thinking about giving your swimming pool a face-lift? You’re in the right place! We all love the idea of taking a dip in a pool that feels brand new, but the financial aspects can feel like a cannonball splash of reality. We’ve got the lowdown for you, from why you might consider renovating, to a breakdown of costs and some handy tips for saving a few bucks. So grab your floaties, and let’s dive in!

Hold onto your swim caps! Pool renovation costs can fluctuate faster than a belly flop makes a splash! Generally, though, expect to shell out between $25,000 and $65,000, depending on the pool’s condition, your swanky upgrades, and where you’re located.

Why Should You Even Bother Renovating Your Pool?

You’ve got options, my friend! Here’s what could be on your mind:

Boost That Property Value: You’ve heard it right a modern, eye-catching pool can make your home the hottest property on the block.

Aesthetic Vibes: Tired of your ‘90s style pool? A renovation can make your backyard feel like an exclusive resort.

Safety and Tech Upgrades: From slip-resistant tiles to smart, energy-saving systems, newer features can make your pool safer and more efficient.

Let’s Talk Money: Factors That’ll Affect Your Budget

Wondering why that price tag is as high as a diving board? Here are some cliff notes:

How Beat Up Is Your Current Pool?: The more wear and tear, the more dollars you’ll need to fix ‘er up.

Glam Up or Simple Fix?: Infinity edges and natural stone waterfalls? Cool, but get ready for a bigger bill.

Location, Location, Location: Some places just charge more, either because of labor costs or pricey permits.

The Nitty-Gritty Paperwork and Labor Costs: Every renovation needs legal permits, and skilled labor doesn’t come cheap.

Where Does the Money Really Go? The Priciest Parts of Pool Renovations

Filtration Systems: Want crystal-clear water? A solid filtration system is non-negotiable but can be a big-ticket item.

Decking and the Surrounding Landscape: This isn’t just grass and concrete we’re talking about; premium materials can cost a pretty penny.

A Complete Overhaul: Thinking about changing your pool into a lagoon shape? It’s like Extreme Makeover: Pool Edition, and the costs reflect that.

State by State: How Much Does it Cost in Places like Arizona?

You won’t believe this; according to River Pools and Spas’ Arizona folks can expect a wide range, from $25,000 to $65,000. Yes, in the same state! So don’t take these numbers as gospel; your mileage may vary.

Got a Tight Budget? How to Save Some Green While Going for Blue

You want to save some dough? Who doesn’t! Check these out:

DIY Baby!: Simple things like re-tiling or repainting can be a weekend project.

Wait for Off-Season Deals: Some contractors lower their prices when business is slow. Keep an eye out!

Smart Material Choices: You don’t have to splurge on marble when good-quality ceramic tiles can also do the trick.

Is This All Worth the Effort and Expense?

Before you take that plunge, ponder this: Will this renovation make your summers unforgettable? Will it add a hefty sum when you sell your home? For a lot of folks, that’s a big, splashy YES!

Factors Influencing Pool Renovation Costs

1. Location and Market Dynamics

Just like real estate, location plays a critical role in determining the cost of your pool renovation. In larger markets with multiple pool builders, you may find competitive pricing. However, in smaller markets with fewer options, prices can be steep, as builders can more or less name their price. For example, one forum member based in the southeast mentioned getting two pool builder quotes for an in-ground vinyl liner pool at 78-80K, a cost that was higher than their initial expectation of 65K.

2. Type of Pool

Your choice between vinyl, gunite, or fiberglass affects the overall renovation cost. While vinyl tends to be more budget-friendly, forum members mention that gunite pools start at around $100K in some markets.

3. Additional Features

Want a heat pump, tanning deck, bubblers, or a high-end robot cleaner? All these additional features can add to the overall cost. For instance, one homeowner received a quote of 78-80K, which included features like a heat pump, three lights, pump, sand filter, pool robot, two bubblers, tanning deck, and 1500sqft concrete decking.

4. Material and Labor Shortages

Given the current economic scenario, materials and labor are in short supply, driving up the cost. Sometimes contractors give a “Go Away Quote” which is unreasonably high, suggesting they aren’t interested in taking new projects due to overwhelming demand.

5. Decking Costs

The extent of decking you wish to have around the pool can also bump up the price considerably. For instance, 1500 sqft of concrete decking was part of the 78-80K quote mentioned earlier, while many generic quotes include only about 400 sqft.


So there you have it, a treasure trove of everything you should consider before diving headfirst into a pool renovation. We’re talking potential for a sweeter lifestyle and maybe even some extra cheddar if you ever sell your place. Just remember, knowledge is your lifebuoy in this deep sea of decisions.

FAQ Section

Is pool remodeling a good investment?

Absolutely! Think about the jaw-dropping Instagram pics and, more importantly, the extra value you’re adding to your property.

What’s the wallet-busting part of a pool project?

Well, based on the info we’ve got, it’s usually the initial construction or adding on those luxury features like high-end filtration systems or marble decking.

How much for a new pool in the Grand Canyon State, Arizona?

Based on the latest 2022 data, you’re looking at anywhere from $25,000 for something cozy, all the way to $65,000 for a pool that shouts ‘luxury.’

Changing the pool shape, is it gonna cost me an arm and a leg?

Most likely, yes. It’s a heavy-duty change, so get ready for heavy-duty costs.

How can I save some cash on this whole thing?

Don’t shy away from some DIY tasks, or even material shopping during sales. Oh, and keep an eye on those off-season discounts!

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