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If you’re like many homeowners, the pool in your backyard serves as more than just a place to cool off; it’s a gathering spot, a tranquil escape, and a significant investment in your property. As pools age or your needs evolve, the question often arises: how long does it take to remodel a pool? Understanding the timeline can help you plan your project better and set your expectations realistically.

The time it takes to remodel a pool can range from 2 weeks for simple resurfacing to up to 30 weeks for a complete overhaul, depending on various factors like the scope of the project, weather conditions, and contractor availability.

Why Consider Pool Remodelling?

Remodelling a pool is not just about giving it a facelift. Often, functional issues like leaks, cracks, or outdated systems make remodelling a necessity. Whether it’s aesthetic enhancements or significant repairs, remodelling can breathe new life into your aquatic oasis.

Key Factors That Affect Remodelling Time

The time it takes to remodel your pool hinges on several variables. First, the scope of the project is a big determining factor. Small-scale updates like retiling may take only a few weeks, whereas a complete redesign can span several months. Second, contractor schedules can make or break your timeline. And don’t forget about Mother Nature; weather conditions can introduce unexpected delays.

The Planning Process

Don’t underestimate the time needed to plan your remodel. Allocating 2-3 weeks for this stage is advisable, based on industry data from 2023. This allows you time to review contractor bids, finalise designs, and secure permits.

The Demolition Phase

Demolition activities can last anywhere from 1-2 weeks, depending on the scale. This phase involves removing old tiles, draining the pool, and possibly excavating the site.

Construction Phase

Depending on the extent of the remodel, this phase might take between 1-3 weeks. This involves the actual construction work, such as laying new tiles, fixing the plumbing, or even reshaping the pool.

Deck Replacement

If your project involves updating the pool deck, add an additional 1-3 weeks. The material you choose can also impact the timeline. Wood decks are generally quicker to install than pavers or natural stone.

Additional Time Factors

Prepare for the unexpected. Material delays, labour shortages, or even changes in your own plans can extend the project timeline. Always have a contingency plan in place.

Real-World Advice: A Case Study

One homeowner in the SF Bay Area of California had a similar remodelling goal for their pool, pool deck, and backyard patio. They were contemplating whether to split the project among different contractors to cut costs, and their remodelling plans included:

Resurfacing the pool and hot tub

  • Changing all waterline tiles
  • Upgrading pool equipment like filter, heater, and pumps
  • Renovating the existing backyard patio and pool fence
  • Expanding the patio to provide more “lounge space” around the pool and hot tub

Budget: They were budgeting around $20k-$25k for the entire project, which could be a reasonable starting point for those living in similar regions.

Seasonality: Being located in a region with a rainy winter, they had to consider the weather’s impact on the construction timeline.

Contractor Selection: One of the key decisions they faced was whether to hire a single contractor for the entire project or break it up into different phases handled by specialised contractors.

How To Break Up Your Project To Save Costs

If you’re on a budget, consider separating the project into individual components like demolition, patio construction, and pool remodelling. You can hire specialised contractors for each aspect, potentially saving on costs. However, coordinating multiple contractors can be a challenge and might extend your timeline.

Real-World Advice: Cost Breakdown and Experience

Apart from the timeline, understanding the cost implications of a pool remodel is crucial. One homeowner decided to keep their 35-year-old pool and go for a full renovation. They are delighted with the results, calling the renovated pool “much more appealing and great-looking.”

Here’s a breakdown of their costs:

  • New Equipment: $5,000
  • Relining the Pebblecrete: $10,000
  • Paving: $200 per sqm, including pavers, labour, and concrete pad
  • Additional Water Feature: $4,000
  • Plumbing and New Skimmer Box: $4,000
  • Added Lights: $1,500

In total, their renovation cost more like $35,000, exceeding their initial budget.

Decision Points: The homeowner pointed out that one of the challenges in remodelling is deciding where to start and where to stop. For example, do you trust the old plumbing, especially if you’re concreting over it?

Demolishing Costs: They also mentioned the cost of demolishing and filling the old pool could easily run up to $11,000, just for a patch of grass, which makes renovating an appealing option for many.


Remodelling your pool is a significant undertaking that requires careful planning and patience. While the average time may range from a few weeks to several months, understanding the factors that influence this can help you set realistic expectations and plan more effectively.

FAQ Section

How much does pool remodelling cost?

Costs can range dramatically based on the scope of your project. Simple resurfacing might set you back a few thousand dollars, while a complete overhaul can cost upwards of $20,000. It’s essential to get multiple bids and budget for unexpected expenses.

Why do some pool projects take longer than others?

Various factors can extend the remodelling timeline. For instance, inclement weather can halt construction, while material shortages can result in frustrating delays. Be sure to discuss all potential obstacles with your contractor in advance.

What are the signs that my pool needs remodelling?

If your pool has visible cracks, frequent leaks, or outdated systems like pumps and heaters, it’s likely time for a remodel. Also, if the design feels dated or no longer meets your needs, consider an update.

How can I speed up my pool remodelling process?

One way to expedite the process is by undertaking the project during the offseason, when contractors are less busy. Being decisive and timely in your choices can also keep things moving.

Is it possible to remodel a pool in stages?

Yes, you can opt for phased remodelling to spread out costs and construction time. However, this may result in a less cohesive final product and could end up costing more in the long run due to repeated labour and setup costs.

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